Reading Response 11/13

Vartan Gregorian, in their article “Colleges Should Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge” argues that colleges have become too much like a job-readiness program. They train too much in specialized, narrow fields that don’t serve as real education inquiry but instead as job readiness programs. They argue that students are being fed knowledge but are not being allowed to ask questions and find answers, or to find their role in the world. These hyper-specialized fields are too restrictive on students. There is no problem that is one-dimensional or just fixed by using one field of knowledge.

In our interdisciplinary studies program we are allowed to break that trend. If we identify a problem then we are allowed to draw from many different fields in order to answer it. Because we are allowed to create our own program, we can answer questions that other people in their hyper-focused fields may not be able to. It also allows you to see how truly inter-connected many fields are. Hyper-focusing on one field may narrow your view and make you think about problems in one-dimension.

It does seem that being interdisciplinary is the future. Given the vastness of the knowledge available to modern-day college students it seems difficult to imagine that we would continue narrowing fields of study rather than broadening them.

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