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What did your research tell you about how people share ideas in your fields?

I’ve found that there are good academic accounts to follow on Twitter. People will Tweet out the links to their articles and that is a good place to start learning about new ideas in my field.

What tools will best allow you to connect with scholars and professionals in your fields?

I’m hoping to connect through Twitter, but I also made a LinkedIn account just in case it doesn’t work out that way. If Twitter isn’t a good medium for connecting and communicating with professionals, then I know that LinkedIn will be.

What tools will best allow you to share your own knowledge, experiences, and ideas with other people in your fields?

I hope to use a combination of Twitter and my ePort to share my ideas. Because Twitter is limited by the 280 character format, it’s likely that anything I want to say will be too much for Twitter. But I will be able to write a piece and then link to it on Twitter to communicate it to others.

How public do you want to be? Why?

I don’t see any problem with being 100% public. I don’t foresee many problems arising since I only intend to interact with professional and academic profiles and websites. If I was venturing into the more social side of Twitter than I could see problems cropping up, but not on the academic side of Twitter.

How will you engage at least once a week with your Personal Learning Network?

I’ll go on my professional Twitter at least a few minutes a day and try to find more academic profiles to follow. I’ll read a few academic articles per week and if I find something that I find particularly interesting, I’ll either Retweet it or write a full response on my ePort.

How will you know if your PLN is serving you well or not?

If I’m regularly finding info worthy of a full blog-post response or that I just find interesting, then I know I’m doing it right. If I am not finding any new or interesting ideas and I feel no desire to interact with anything on my PLN, then I’ll look to start from square one and see if I can revamp it to better suit my needs.

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  1. This is a good start! Can you add a hyperlink to your Twitter account (and LinkedIn if you created one) so we can follow you as your network grows?

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