Since the first reflection we have covered Hypothesis, a tool for annotating online resources, two articles about using website domains as a part of academia, the introduction to Eports, and Creative Commons licensing. The Hypothesis tool is nifty but I do not see myself using it over just handwriting notes, even though my handwriting is atrocious and slow, I still just feel that handwriting notes in general will be more effective for me in the majority of my classes. I thought the articles about the student-websites were pretty interesting. I can see how having an online portfolio of my work, especially my college work, could be useful in a professional setting. All of my previous digital work has been erased because it was stored using infrastructure from school and they deleted it after I graduated. Physical records of my works (transcripts, projects, etc.) may still exist but they are almost prohibitively difficult to access at this point. For that reason I am glad that we are making the Eports in class and I do think that I will upload work from other classes onto my domain in the future so I can showcase some of my work and keep track of it. That could be useful throughout my time in college but could also be useful to show prospective employers as well. However that means that the work I create for school has to be up to a certain standard that I would be willing to show it to a potential employer. So in that way it does hold me to a higher standard for my academics. Luckily I will be able to apply my newly-gained expertise on Creative Commons images and possibly use some to spruce up the website and make it look professional. Since it is a professional setting it is extra important that every image is used correctly and legally which is why it was useful to learn about it in class. The last thing you need is to be working on an important professional or academic project and watch the whole thing be ruined because you used an image illegally and somebody noticed. That also relates to the question of whether or not to attach my real name to the domain or not. It seems to me that in order to really use the website in a professional setting I should attach my actual, full name to the website. That way I can show that I want the work on the website to be directly connected to me. It shows that I want people to google my name and find that work. So, if it is available (I know that Erik Nelson is not exactly an uncommon name) I will be using it as a part of my website’s name. I do not have a backup plan as of yet for what I will do if Erik Nelson is taken but I am sure I will be able to think of something on the spot if that is the case.

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