Hello! My name is Erik Nelson and this is the website I am using to host all of my work. I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major studying International Relations. I went through the Interdisciplinary Studies program because PSU does not have an International Relations program, only a PoliSci program (which is similar but not the same, I swear). Initially my IDS degree was created only to maintain my IR major from when I transferred. But over time I realized that utilizing the IDS program would let me have a much more well-rounded perspective on the political world.

I’ve been able to take classes in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Women’s Studies, Spanish, and Geography to understand International Relations from many different perspectives. While the bulk of my classes were still Political Science related, I think that taking classes in a variety of disciplines has informed my work. This is where you can find my work relating to my Interdisciplinary Studies homework, my portfolio, and my capstone project which you can find in the links above.

My capstone project is a collection of resources regarding United States involvement in Latin American regime change in the 20th century. The research on the 7 events listed will hopefully serve as an introduction to the topic and inspire you to research further. Each page includes a brief summary of the event including declassified government documents, images, contemporary news reports, and educational videos.